Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Good News, and Some Bad

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las life is not so straight forward. What I may call good news could be bad news for a people who view things from a different perspective. Care has been taken to ensure that these people are not offended by the following article.

The Good News

The good news is that we are celebrating one thousand and fifteen views since the blog started officially in August, last year. By all parameters, that is one feat.

Zooming into the visitors statistics, we find that the figure is after all an exaggeration. Not that 1,015 views have been registered; the number is bloated 4 figures because half of the visits have been for 00:00:00 Minutes; accounting for Google image search.

Now say another 150 views come from my very close friends. And now do the math: Only 350 views. Divide this figure by the blog’s age, and the answer is 1 view per day.

‘One view per day, just one. Is this something to be celebrating?

You guessed it wrong. The team at Arificial Intelligence celebrates this figure. Because this ‘one’ person spends around 12 minutes on the blog; a screaming statement that:

“We are being read, and followed daily.”

The Bad News

This part is a tad boring: Confessions; guilt; apologies and promises.

The idea of creating a blog was to write weekly, but what eventually turned out was that I came out with articles on fortnightly and even monthly basis.

It was as if I had forgotten how to write an essay; 7 paragraphs, a theme and some new ideas. Amid the CSS, the html coding and the concise javascripts, Arif the Writer was being strangled to death.

Short of words, I looked up to my Guest writers to chip in. My incapacity to write had demoralized them, and they too couldn’t produce anything for the blog.

So that is pretty much the bad news: I have lost my writing flair.

Life is still the same as in those good ol’ days: Interesting bits and boring blocks: Bad news that I can’t report this all.

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The author is a Second Year student in Urban Engineering. He is also the editor of this blog.

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