Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Loser. Should he bother to run?

Imagine this race. Forty nine contestants, a two mile track. Imagine that one of the runner is instead in a car. The race begins. It would be hilarious to see the other forty eight runners vainly catching up with the car.

Now imagine that the track distance is increased to 20 miles. Not funny anymore. The person in the car shall reach earlier, safely, and without much effort. The rest shall reach the finish line physically and emotionally shattered.

The winner was already decided before the race. It was a race they should have opted out from.

Stop imagining. Now come to reality. It could be difficult to comprehend this race in real life. It simply doesn’t make sense; running catch up with a car. Totally absurd. Imagine an American Idol with a bad voice; or a Noble prize for an ordinary project.

Take a closer look.

You are part of this race. You are running as fast as you can. Sacrificing your time, health, and feelings in a bet to reach the finish line first. To claim the grand prize; the prize you deserve.

But alas! It is not a fair race. You are destined to lose. The worst part is that you didn’t have a choice. You couldn’t opt out of this (traumatizing) race.

Port this scenario to real life situation

The venue is the university. The grand prize: the first position. Gold medal, and then a great job. To get to the top, the student has to pass a series of tests. A fair competition, it appears.

The students work day and night. Some even keep working despite poor health, financial constraints. Loved ones may be lost in the way, but the student may not even have enough time to weep back to happiness.

The best years of their lives are spent out working on this race.

But alas! The race isn’t fair. There are certain people who can ‘drive’ their way to the top, with the slightest of efforts. Whereas the rest work their way to the top, they, instead, talk the way up.

Good PR. Period. Keep that intelligence, and hard work to yourself.

Loser! Why did you even bother?


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