Sunday, June 8, 2008


Icome in the ward, and see three ‘new’ patients waiting for me! Just imagine, two of them have congestive cardiac failure and one has stroke! So what are they doing on my beds! My beds are called OPD beds, on which usually stable patients are admitted. Well, the ‘nice guy’ Saadat has done that!

“Maam’s order for transfer has been reversed!” somebody tells me. “Why don’t we get a cake and celebrate”, I tell doctor Zeenat, and she agrees. A few hours pass. We are through with our rounds and waiting for Imran and the cake that he is supposed to bring. Here he is with a chocolate cake from “HobNob”.

Everybody is excited. Plates are arranged. I bring my tissue box. When everyone bombards Maam’s office with the cake, she says she is “Overwhelmed!”

“Whose idea was it?” she inquires. No one calls my name.

Let’s just be anonymous.

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