Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Wake Up

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Lie and a lie, and a series of lies. Meet him, he is the average NED student. He is the icon of hypocrisy. He cheats in tests, copies assignments and flatters his teachers. Multiply him by 3,000 and you would get the NED campus. No wonder the University ranks a poor 10th in the national ratings.

But why am I writing this. I do this because I just woke up from a long 4 month sleep. It was 3:45 in the afternoon.

I was sitting in front of my Electrical Engineering teacher, physically awake, but my conscience was snoring in deep sleep. Slap! My teacher woke my conscience up, (I don't know how to thank him).

He accused me of cheating in the electrical assignment. I begged to differ. He concealed my assignment, and then asked, "What is slip?".
I replied,"To fall back." In a sarcastic tone he said,"Great, how simple, slip means to fall back."

He paused. I took a deep breath of relief. "Derive the equation for Slip," he returned. I had fever the whole morning, and now my mouth went dry as well. I replied,"It was a very complex equation, I can't recall what it was."
 "So that means that  you have copied the assignment from someone else", my teacher said.

This allegation was just too much for me, I couldn't bear the burden. I raised my voice and said in an authoritative tone,"No, I have not copied. You can compare my assignment with anybody, it won't be the same". He then gave his final verdict, "Since you can't answer what I asked from the assignment, then it is obvious that you have copied it from someone. And what was your score in the tests?". "Three and Seven sir!", I replied. "Only 10 out of twenty, fifty percent", he said in a degrading tone. I said that 3 and 7 implied that I was improving." And then he said,"Lets see how you will pass". He threw my assignment on my hand in utter disgust. I left the class.

My so-called friends (in reality mere class-fellows) circled me and tried to calm me down. They advised me to apologize the teacher. (Apology for what?). They said if I don't, he would really fail me in the exams, and my hopes of securing a position in the annual exams will sleep to death. (But who said that I was vying for a position, Top 10 is good enough for me).

But thank God, and thanks to my mother, who always taught me all things right, I was not heart-broken. In fact, I giggled may way back home, because now I was truly awake. I had also learnt in the process that I had no true friend who would support me in a time of crisis. So I have to work in the Friendship department as well.

Being awake, my conscience went back to work, and I came to a lot of decisions.

  • From today onwards, I will not help anyone cheat in any tests. I would not even supply a hint.
  • My assignments will be copy righted. I won't lend them to anyone.
  • I would work harder at studies to prove my adversaries wrong.
  • It is not O.K. to cheat if you win. Cheating is fraud. Fraud is a sin.
  • And several other decisions which I shall keep secret for the time being.
In view of the aforementioned 4 undertakings, I have revised my motto from : 'You can beat anyone but Me' to Cheating is banned.


Any advice?

                      Should I apologize my teacher to ensure good grades in the exams?

What are your views on cheating?

      Would you support my case, if I write my problem to VC of department or class advisor?

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