Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hypocrisy and Cheating Taking Over Hardwork and Honesty


by | Abdul Saboor
Also see: The Cheating Culture

This article is a reply to Arificial Intelligence's article: I wake Up

It was Saturday, 3.45 pm. I was not feeling well because I had to submit my electrical assignment. Though I did my best to make my assignment beautiful; white A4 size papers, spiral binding, good handwriting and each and everything due to which my assignment was to be termed 'beautiful'. In spite of all these things, the my heart rate was increasing. One question which was rising in my mind was, what should I say if my teacher asks: "Have you copied it?"

Without hesitation my mind put the same foundations before me on which our system is based. These were not hard working and honesty, but these we hypocrisy and cheating.

When I sat before the teacher my face was full of hypocrisy because I new that hard work cannot gain me good sessional marks. Only flattery can do something. I knew this because I am one of the Arif's so-called friends, and am the average student of NED.

Soon my hypocrisy worked when I was given the green signal.

But Oh! What was happening there. Arif who was sitting beside me was punished due to his hardwork and some straightforwardness.


The question looks easy to be answered but was actually quite a tough one. According to our teacher, Arif was trying to be over-smart. Few said it was Arif's misbehaviour, and some said Arif as usual is speaking without thinking. When I tried to find the answer, I found only one root cause:

Arif, despite studying at NED,
is still following the Cambridge Rules.


Is Arif the one who is wrong?

Should he continue following his self made rules?

Why can't we differentiate between good and bad?

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