Tuesday, August 5, 2008



by | Abdul Saboor


       ur system is now uncontrollable. Inflation, suicide attacks, poverty, illiteracy and the entire crisis that we are facing now days are all because of bad system.  We can not get rid of these things until and unless our system is made crystal and clear”.  My friend said as we were analyzing the current situation in Pakistan.

After he went I sat there and thought for a while that in which system we are living here due to which we have to face such troubles. I was such dejected that I started cursing system. but soon realized that i don't know 'system' and I haven't met him.

            What? I am cursing someone whom I don't know.

In order to ask questions which were rising in my mind I started searching for it. But I could not find it and came to know that in order to conceal our wrong doings we collectively have created a thing called “system” and have made it such a bin in which we pour all our wrong doings and become free.

It is a fact that we from our childhood are not being given any awareness due to which we also start doing bad deeds in the name of system.

            If flour is not available, it’s due to system. Petrol prices are raised by 100%, it’s due to system. Poverty is increasing, its due to system. Inflation is increasing, its due to system. All of us are corrupt, its due to system. Illiteracy rate is increasing, it’s because of system, and so on. Then what are we doing here?

Now this is the time when we should realize that that’s enough, we should stop cursing system as we are also included in it, when we criticize it we unconsciously criticize ourselves. So for God’s sake stop criticizing yourselves.

NOTE: I agree to statement that criticism for only criticism should not be done ,it should be done in a way that the person who is criticized may learn something from it . So I try my level best to avoid every act which may cause any one, any kind of trouble. But if I am not able to avoid it if any comment of mine hurt your feelings then please do inform me and criticize me so that I can learn from it .


Where should we begin cleaning our system?

Who is responsible for Pakistan's present system? The Americans? WTO? Our simply Pakistani's themselves?

Which system of government is better for Pakistan. Army or democracy?

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