Monday, January 19, 2009

Letter to Urban Engineers



by | Abdul Saboor
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It was the 19th of January; I went to my class in order to attend the lectures. When I arrived there an announcement was made by Sir Ashar, our class advisor that there is a call for me from admin office.

I, within no time understood that it was continuation to what I have done at the time of submission of my annual form. Four months ago, on the wish of my parents I had submitted the COT (change of technology) form. Though I was not in favor of any kind of change as after passing one year I was able to adjust myself at urban Engineering and I was not in condition to adopt to any new environment. We may say that now there was some attachment among me and my class mates. But despite that I went there at admin office but was so nervous that I could not go inside as I still, could not decide what is better for me. Should I accept or quit? After passing one hour outside admin I finally decided to go inside.

When I entered admin office, a guard who was standing there stopped me and asked where are you going? I replied I have come to know about my COT. First he did not allow me but when I told him about the call, he gave me the green signal and said,”Go to room no ‘35’”.

Room no 35. what is going to happen there? What may if they say your COT is impossible? And in case if they say your COT is confirmed, what are you going to do? What about my friends who in the time of lurch, joy, sorrow accompanied me?

These all thoughts were wandering in my mind. Meanwhile I arrived there, there was one man sitting beside me he asked are you going to change your technology or not? I said I have not decided yet. He said then why did you apply for COT? Silence spread, and I could not reply. All the time I was in the process of thinking that what should I do? And suddenly yes was the answer . I was surprised that what have I said and why? I had no answer. He gave me a form and asked me to sign it. I unintentionally signed it. He allotted me with a new roll no. Infact allotted me with new environment, new friends, new class. I was perplexed and went to hostel. On the one hand I was able to make some people happy by taking this decision and on the other hand I . . . .

The next day it was all new, I deceived myself by remembering the words said by my former department’s Dean that 'Never look behind, if you have got challenge accept it and complete it'. With this spirit I started mixing with my new companions.

But yesterday, when I went to my older friends after their classes had finished, I could not control myself and got nervous. Tears were about to fall, but I just took pardon and went to my room.

For the rest of the day I remained really sad.

I, from the bottom of my heart, am sorry to all my friends. I have not written this to justify my COT, but have written this to share my thoughts with my friends again, though the way is different but the feelings are same. 


About the author
The author is a Second Year student in CIS. He was previously a student of Urban Engineering.

Was it a correct decision to choose CIS over Urban Engineering?

What are your memories of Abdul Saboor?

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