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Side Effects on Change of Technology



by | Nabeel Fazil
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So,finally the strength of the class is 49; 11 cods this time. The record was quite better as compare to past few years. I was actually among those 11 students who decided to change their discipline.
There are many questions asked by my urban class mates that why have I decided so. I was even criticized by some of my friends, I think this blog is the best place where I can speak my heart out !
As a matter of fact , it was all my decision to change my discipline. I don't want to blame anyone for that. After the change of discipline(COD), I expected my former friends (so-called friends) that after my arrival to civil department we would continue our so-called friendship, but was quite surprised and shocked by their behavior. They were actually trying to ignore me. I actually changed my discipline in order to continue with my friends that have already switched to civil dept.

The very first day I was made to realize by my previous so called friends that my friendship was worth no more for them. It was my very first day in the class, and in just few hours I realized that my decision was too wrong. Anyhow, I accepted the fact and started the whole new process again (the same that I did in 1st year). New faces ,new people, strangers all around. But the main difference was that no one was actually accepting me as their classmate, and to date they still haven't.

No matter what happens, I still wanted to be part of the previous  class. Now I always try to be with my urban friends as much as I can . I was still confused about my decision but last visit to Clifton (Abdullah Shah Ghazi Shrine) with my Urban friends was so depressing for me. The classmates kept on pointing me, as if they don't even know me . Golden MemoriesThe very Last words said by a guy of class urban when I was getting off the bus, was quite shocking and embarrassing for me. He thinks that the bus gets so crowded just because of 2 Civil , 1 CIS and 1 electrical department students. These were actually his previous classmates, and he warned us that he will complain to the Class Advisor if we joined them in the next trip. He named one of his civil best friend and said if he's not a part of this trip then who are you guys. He sounded way too rude and I was feeling ashamed of myself that I considered them in my past days.

I can be rude to him as well, but my situation doesn't allow me to do so. Probably,this was my last trip with all of my friends of urban (as if few people don't want me to be a part of 'their' class). In the end, I would like to apologize to my urban friends for several reasons which I have mentioned above. I wish all the urban students a great future.
Do remember me in your Prayers.
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The author is a Second Year student in Civil Engineering. He was previously a student of Urban Engineering.

Whose at the wrong side of the issue, Nabeel or SE Urban students?

What are your memories of Nabeel?

Any advice that you would like to give him?
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