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feel robbed; as if someone has taken from me all my property. Just an adolescent, what could my property be? It is the recognition which follows hard work that I have been robbed off. Below is the FIR.

7 May: The Test

It was a jolly news for all my classmates that the test paper has leaked. Fine, the paper is out, but everybody was clueless on how to solve it. An intelligent boy had to be approached. It is a matter of pride that I was approached. It is a matter of even greater pride that I declined to help them.

Nevertheless, they got hold of another intelligent chap. He, with the help of textbook, notes, and intelligence, solved the entire test paper.

PleasureLovely. So now, not only do we have a leaked paper, we also have the leaked solution. A sigh of relief. This could have been an otherwise impossible test to pass. Everybody thanked God. It would have been more fitting had they thanked their evil minds and the devil. What has God to do with this cheating business?

20 May: The Result

I was damned. My class rank had fallen from 'top 5' to 42, and there are only 45 students in the class.

The test result is announced. More thanksgiving. God has saved them their grace, they said. But would their God have done this: 60% marks awarded to those who had not seen their notes prior to the test, and 20% marks awarded to those who prepared for the test. Again, I take pride, being in the latter category, because as a Muslim, I believe that cheating is a sin. Those in the former category, continue celebrating your success, but remember the Hadith:

"He who deceives is not one of us." According to this Hadith, the person who cheats is not a Muslim.

I was damned. My class rank had fallen from 'top 5' to 42, and there are only 45 students in the class.

On the same day, the dreaded Linear Algebra test was leaked. An intelligent lad solved it and provided photocopies of the solution, with his name as a footer. He turned into a hero.

27 May

Everybody scored a 100% in the test. As a matter of fairness, and faith, I stayed away from the leaked paper and its graciously distributed solution.Months Pass By

I had been preparing for this test from mid-January, while they worked on the 'leaked' paper for a few hours. I got a shameful 50%, they, a shining 100%.Victory

Loser. That is what this place and system was making out of me. I was completely disheartened. I scrolled my options; what could I do,

1. Join them in this cheating for the next test (this tip was given by a trusted friend).

2. Tell the teacher about the 'leaked' paper.

I decided on the second option. The happy guys found out that I was to talk to the teacher. So they scared the hell out of me. One man against 44; I was not prepared for a suicide.

Option three was created:

3. No more friendship with these guys. And by the way, where was/were my friend(s) when they were scaring the hell out of me.

Option three seemed fruitful. At least one person said that he was willing to withdraw from this cheating and tell the teacher the truth. Phew! Only 43 more to go.

Option 3: Continues . .

From the pious (read: bearded and praying) muslim, who could talk with flair on religious issues, to the care-free, just-for-the-sake-of-it muslim, there was no one who said that this cheating thing was wrong. Instead, I was told that it was my fault that I opted not to cheat.


My class rank has dropped to 44. I have been cheated; my rank has been robbed. I am in desperate need for help.

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