Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Different Rule for a Different People

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ne of those days where I can't sleep. My knees are sour, head aching, but it is still impossible to sleep. A person has been wronged. How could I go to sleep?

A career could be saved or lost. Action could be taken. But are we bothered?

I believe that my timely intervention might bring justice. At best the boy would be treated fairly; at worst, I shall face harshness. As I lie on my bed, I ponder over the issue.

Justice2My eyes are burning,but the heart is beating so fast that sleep, though inevitable, looks distant. A gush of emotions: I imagine myself storming into the Chairman's office, blurting out the whole case and demanding justice. A moment of sanity and I am writing anonymous letters pleading a reconsideration of the whole case.

justice_smallThe boy's been penalized for 14 lectures. His crime: perpetual   disobedience, and a cause of trivial irritation. Is this a crime big enough to cost 14 lectures (25% of a year-full of study)? Besides, what good would this penalty do. The boy may decide to 'enjoy' the punished free periods, or he may decide to revolt. Since the system is to rigid, he would revolt against himself, and his education. He may never say it, but his whole being would be blurting out,"The hell with this engineering!"

A better penalty could be to plunder him with extra assignments. This way he may be re-connected with his education.

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And Yes...

There are students who are much worse than him. They are most unruly; the cause of constant chaos. Is it  then a case of a different rule for a different people.

UnityA career could be saved or lost. Action could be taken. But are we least bothered? (I fear not. Please prove me wrong, and stand up for whatever is the right way). 

Sleep nowMaybe, I can sleep now.


*Names and intricate details have been omitted to protect privacy.

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The author is a Second Year student in Urban Engineering. He is also the editor of this blog.


Whose fault is it anyways?

Is there anyway in which this guy could be helped?

Tell us your story when you were treated indifferently by a teacher.

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